Our mission

“Is not my Word like fire,” declares the Lord, “and like a hammer that breaks rock into pieces”


Advance The Truth exists to bring truth to some of life’s hardest questions. Many of these questions are what we call ”Hot Topics” such as evolution, sexuality, is God real, what about the afterlife, is the Bible true, how do I know I’m going to heaven, is Jesus the only way to God, abortion, and what is a Christian. Oftentimes the American culture debates these subjects and has a wide variety of opinions on these issues stemming from media, cultural, and family beliefs. God’s truth holds the answers to all life’s questions. This website is designed to directly confront American culture’s perception of what truly believing in God is and how he requires a true Christ-follower to live. For in God’s word the human race finds all the answers to life’s questions.

Our Beliefs


There is only one true and living God who created the galaxies and the earth and every living thing on it. God exists, as revealed in his Holy Word, as three distinct persons, Father, Son, and the Holy Spirit. God is sovereign, sinless, perfect, and holy. God does what he desires, how he desires, and through whom he desires at all times to accomplish His will and purpose on earth. He answers to no one and comes under no authority nor does he answer to any human powers that exist. God is unchanging in his nature and divine attributes and is self-sufficient needing no one to do anything but rather calls and chooses as he wills to accomplish his purposes in the world. God cannot be controlled, manipulated, or deceived nor can he be forced to accept humanity’s perception of him. God is who he says he is as declared in his laws, word, and nature and will not conform to a human conception of who he is but remains 100% true to his nature and holiness for it is impossible for him to change with time as culture does.


The Holy Bible is the divinely inspired word of God. it is the true source of God’s will and purpose for the human race. It is the final authority of God’s nature, law, and plan for salvation through his son Jesus Christ. It alone is the final authority of all divine doctrine and beliefs.


Jesus Christ was born from a virgin woman. He lived a sinless life. He was tortured and executed through Roman crucifixion. He literally, physically died and after 3 days God miraculously made his dead body alive again. He appeared to many people after his resurrection and then ascended to heaven and sat down at the right hand of God in a glorified body. He will return to the earth in power and glory. Jesus Christ is 100% human and 100% God. Salvation is found in no other source, person, or system of religion except through the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus Christ. Salvation from sin and its consequences is only obtained in and through Jesus Christ.


Although repentance and faith are two distinct functions, they simultaneously both occur in conjunction with one another as a person receives salvation from God through an understanding of the gospel of Jesus Christ. One cannot get to eternal heaven by personal goodness or human effort. All striving and determination to get to eternal heaven is futile outside of Jesus Christ.

Holy Spirit

The Holy Spirit is the 3rd person of the triune God. He is not like God or a part of God but is 100% God. He indwells a Christ-follower at the moment of salvation. He is leading, guiding, and instructing those he inhabits in the ways and nature of God. He is sent to convict the world of sin and concerning righteousness and God’s judgment. His work is to reveal Jesus Christ to the human race and empower and equip true Christ-followers to advance God’s kingdom purpose on earth.


True Christ-followers will be rewarded with eternal life in heaven and the unrepentant and unbelieving will be confined to Hell. Every man and woman will have to give an account for their lives on the great day of judgment. Every human being throughout the history of the world will bow down in front of Jesus Christ and confess that he is LORD to the glory of God the Father. Heaven and Hell are both literal and physical eternal realities.

About The Founder

Founder of Advance the truth:
Chris Cope
McAdory High school – 1992 Graduate
Teen Challenge – 1995 Graduate
CFN Bible Institute, Dallas, TX – 2000 Graduate

Welcome to Advance The Truth. Most of you will find the content of this website interesting, some informational and others controversial. Whatever your experience, I wanted you to know that as the founder I have established this website not on my own accord but because this is a personal assignment for God’s purpose in my life. Truthfully, I have abandoned this commission for well over a decade only to have it haunt me and chase me down in every turn of life. I did not choose this assignment; God chose it for me. I have no desire for money, popularity, or personal gain. I am a real and straightforward person who expounds on many subjects from my personal experiences with pain, triumphs, addiction, trials, success, and much failure. I live under the conviction that I will die one day, as we all will, and will face the true God who created me, loves me, never gave up on me, and whom I will bow down before and confess he is Lord. This reality along with the death and resurrection of Jesus is the driving force of my life and actions. I am not a theologian but preach on simple but eternally significant subjects that a teenager can understand. I am accountable to multiple mature and godly men both in my character and doctrine. I believe in the local church and am a member of one in Birmingham, Al. My hope is that people will hear the truth plainly and with simplicity that will bring an encounter with God that produces change. My only passion and desire in life is to merely obey God and preach his truth no matter what the response is.